Ltd “Partner-VS”

Today it is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine in the agricultural engineering sector. Ltd “Partner-VS” is located in Zhytomyr at 93 Sergei Parajanov str. Established in 1858 as an enterprise of the food industry, in the 1990s it grew into a powerful enterprise of mechanical engineering for agriculture, elevators, grain-receiving enterprises, mills, seed and animal feed plants. The production of agricultural machinery in Ukraine is a very important industry, which is designed to ensure the safety of the harvest. The equipment manufactured by our company is known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. We are constantly expanding the network of official regional dealers both domestically and abroad. Agricultural machinery in Ukraine, produced by Ltd “Partner-VS”, can adequately compete in quality and price.

As it is know, the final stage of its post-harvest processing: cleaning, drying and storage, largely affects the quality of grain. The class of the sowing material and the quality of the commercial grain directly depends on how effectively its purification from impurities, sorting into fractions, timely drying, careful transportation and safe storage conditions have been ensured. All these tasks – cleaning, sorting, drying and storage – are solved using equipment manufactured by Ltd “Partner-VS”.  We produce high-performance, reliable and efficient equipment – stationary and mobile grain cleaning separators, transportation equipment (vertical bucket elevators, grain throwers, sets of equipment for production lines of grain cleaning units with a capacity of 25 and 50 t/h). Our developments are protected by patents of Ukraine and a number of foreign countries. We implement projects of any degree of complexity: we build, complete, mount, put into operation and carry out service maintenance of the equipment of our enterprise. We build metal grain storages with rectangular silos, which allow us to provide maximum granary capacity with a minimum of occupied space, and are also adapted to existing facilities. Our products are efficient, simple and reliable in operation, durable, affordable and provide sanitary conditions for service personnel (reduced noise and dust). To date, the management and staff of Ltd “Partner-VS” see further prospects for the development of the enterprise aimed at maximizing production and introducing the world’s best technologies for cleaning and storing crops.

Our market is a market for profitable modern grain production, long-term storage and food processing.

Our client is grain producers and processors. Our task is to make the grain business profitable for each client.

Our strategy is to strengthen the reputation of Ltd “Partner-VS” as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of manufactured equipment, expanding our position in the state sector of agricultural equipment production.

Agricultural machinery for post-harvest processing, transportation, storage of grain, oilseeds and legumes allows agricultural enterprises to reduce losses during harvesting and processing of crops, as well as to increase the safety of products.

The main goal of our work

To correspond as much as possible to the best samples of agricultural machinery in Ukraine and abroad, to meet the needs of customers and to strengthen long-term cooperation with consumers both within our country, and from countries of near and far abroad.