The history of our enterprise is more than a century and a half. The first products of the plant were produced in 1858, then its specialization was the production of flour, butter and sausage.


In 1929, the company became known as the Zhytomyr State Cart Plant. New products were intended for agriculture: half sleighs, rural passages, carriages and biaxial carts were produced. Exactly 100 years after the beginning of its activity, the plant was reorganized into the Zhytomyr Mechanical Plant and began to produce the first grain cleaning machines.


In 1994, the company was reorganized into CJSC “Vibroseparator”.

And it continued its successful activity in the agricultural engineering sector and expanded the production of agricultural machinery in Ukraine. The whole spectrum of our products and the production of agricultural machinery are of high quality and reliability, service and warranty services are carried out at the most modern level.


To date, Ltd “Partner-VS” has more than 1000 units of production equipment and machines located on 120,000 square meters of total area. The company has more than 350 employees.

Currently, we are a leading company in Ukraine, which produces agricultural machinery and special equipment for post-harvest processing, transportation and storage of grain, oilseeds, legumes and for production of highly productive sowing material.