Ammunition, explosives & rounds storage cabin BB-1

It is intended for storage and issue of ammunition (explosives, rounds, etc.), weapons and arms, as well as other war materials under conditions of temporary deployment of the paramilitary units in the field and in the active combat zone.

General data

Manufacturer/Country/Locality (address):

Partner-VS Ltd/Ukraine/Zhytomyr

Proper name according to engineering documentation:

Ammunition, explosives & rounds storage cabin BB-1

Certificate of conformity is available (yes/no)


Category/ Form:

Container type frame structure / Cabin with flat roofing

Frame material:

Shaped structural steel,  shaped piping

Dimensions (conventional): 

Length х Width х Height


3000±50 х 2400±20 х 2440±20

Operation conditions (requirements):  Ambient temperature; Relative humidity; Wind speed


-30…+400С; 95%; wind gusts: 18 m/s

Expected useful life (ultimate)  

12 years

Warranted service life

12 months as of commissioning date, however in each case not more than 18 months after shipment

Exterior (elements, materials, finish)


Omega shaped structural steel/paint

Primary material / base / foundation

Sheet steel / paint


Sheet steel with stiffeners / paint

Windows/ Type/ Specifications

One/Pivoted /reinforced plastic, multiple glass unit

Window protection


Doors, specifications  Frame/Filling matter/Covering/Coating

One/shaped steel / Omega shaped steel/paint

Interior (elements, materials, finish)

Walls / Coating

Corrugated sheet/paint

Flooring / Coating

Checkered sheet /paint

Ceiling/ Coating

Corrugated sheet/paint

Heat insulating material for walls / floor/ ceiling

Rock wool

Internal partitions / material / coating

Customized (as ordered)

Internal doors /material / coating

Customized (as ordered)

Utility lines and service media

Mains power input / Installed power

220V(380V) 50Hz/ Customized (as ordered)

Lighting fixtures, type/ n x 220V sockets (outlets)

 Number of LED lamps (both external and internal), as well as electrical sockets (outlets): customized (as ordered)

Water supply connection

Customized (as ordered)

Water discharge connection

Customized (as ordered)

Ventilation / type

Customized (as ordered)

Earth connection(s)


Lightning arrester


Additional equipment

Equipment for indoor functional use (as required)

Steel side-tables, steel table, steel racks

Engineering control and alerting (warning) systems (to be ordered separately)

Alarm system / CCTV monitoring