Mobile command post

Mobile command post

there is a special purpose for organizing work centers and operational warehouses, mobile situation centers in the minds of the whole world, and the fact that there is a widespread social infrastructure.

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Command post (hereinafter referred to as the CP) is the special modular room to be used by the flight control (range safety) officers, range field test chiefs and observation means operators in the course of prearrangement of the battle training components.

CP module is provided with the specially fitted work stations for the senior operations staff to be used under conditions of no vital infrastructure available or if it is destroyed.

The module consists of 5 individual sections that after having been hermetically interconnected form the single room with V-shaped roof, windows, doors, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical and communication wiring. 

Module is installed on the reinforced concrete foundation in the open areas. Typical dimensions of the foundation: 1,350 cm +/- 20 x 6,150 cm +/- 10, thickness is 15 cm. Operating conditions (temperature range): -25°C…+50°C. Module is provided with supply & exhaust ventilation system. Roof and walls are provided with external weather proof coating. Module sections are dismountable (due to bolted connections used); their size is suitable for the road transportation without getting a special permit.

General data


Frame material:

Shaped structural steel,  shaped piping  

Dimensions (conventional): 

Length х Width х Height


12000±20 х 6000±50 х 2440±20

Operation conditions (requirements):  Ambient temperature; Relative humidity;  

Wind speed; 

Indoor climate (temperature)

-30… +50°С; 100%;



Exterior (elements, materials, finish)


Special shaped structural steel

Primary material / base / foundation

Reinforced concrete foundation


V-shaped steel roof with weather fillets / paint  

Windows/ Type/ Specifications

Five / size: 800 x 1,000 / reinforced plastic, multiple glass unit with window sill

Window protection

External rolled type shutters


Two: steel made, winterized Two: made of reinforced plastic

Interior (elements, materials, finish)

Walls / Coating

OSB board / paint or laminated MDF/fiberboard Color: grey  

Flooring / Coating

OSB board / Linoleum (floorcloth)

Ceiling/ Coating

OSB board / paint Color: white

Heat insulating material for walls / floor/ ceiling

Continuous basalt fibre, 100 mm thick

Additional equipment

Terminal box for PC connection to the local network and communication means

1 set

Cable conduits for communication line

Separated from the power supply line  

Input switchboard with main switch and safety earthing device

1  set


Indoor switchboard / electrical box

1 set (automatic circuit breaker: 1 pc x 100A; 8 pcs x 25A; 15 pcs x 16A)

Electrical cables

Cross-section 3 x 2.5 mm2: for electrical sockets (outlets)  Cross-section 2 x 1.5 mm2: for lighting system

Rated supply voltage

220V ±10V, 50 Hz±5Hz

Air conditioning units (split system)

2 sets (winter-summer)

Ventilation / type

Supply & exhaust  

Convector heaters

4 pcs x 2KW

Earth connection(s) (work path)  

1 set  

Safety earthing

1 set  

Indoor lighting

12 LED lamps (two lamps for each module section with the option for activation in alternate rows and light intensity stepped control function; and one for each corridor)

Outdoor lighting

2 LED spotlights with motion sensors installed above the entrance door

Lightning arrester

1 set, of rod type

Electrical sockets (outlets)

5 socket (outlet) unit for each work station, rest sockets for other equipment

Light switches with luminous intensity stepped controllers

4 pcs

Wall mounted fire extinguisher

4 pcs (two of VP-5 type and two of VU-2 type)

Cable ducts for power supply line

80 x 40 mm

Cable ducts for communication line

100х40  mm

Indoor equipment / furniture / accessories   

Tables at work stations

14 pcs (90 x 80 or similar within the limits set forth for the typical size)  

Task chairs

14 pcs.

Individual lighting fixtures

14 pcs (table LED-lamp, 220 V, with light intensity stepped control function)  

Coat rack bars for the outer clothing and headwear

2 pcs with 10 coat hooks in each (located in the  corridors)