MUR-S (independently driven base unit intended for simultaneous moving of two target units of MUR-L, MUR-LSH, MUR-P, MUR-LT and MUR-PT type or the single target unit of RMU-V type)

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Standardized remotely controlled self-propelled target units of MUR-S and MUR-SL type made by leading domestic manufacturer Partner-VS Ltd are designed for two-way linear moving of the light and medium weight targets with a preset speed along the special steel rail track. The said units are used as aids for tactical exercises of the fighting forces of ground troops shooting with regular firearms (including provided with night vision aids), artillery and combat vehicle armament, as well as other large-caliber guns and LOS weapons.

Dynamic operation of targets moved by the MUR-S or MUR-SL units is provided due to relevant MUR-L, MUR-LSH, MUR-P, MUR-LT, MUR-PT or MUR-V units attached to the frame thereof.

MUR-S is an independently driven base unit, which intended purpose is to move simultaneously two target units of MUR-L, MUR-LSH, MUR-P, MUR-LT and MUR-PT type or one target unit of RMU-V for a distance of 10 km (max) with no need for recharging. 

Specific design features of the MUR-S and MUR-SL units: 

– 900 mm or 1,500 mm wheel base; 

– durable steel structure, which provides for the long-lasting and safe operation and meets requirements for transportation and manual handling in the field conditions, i.e. at shooting range; 

– advanced microprocessor controlled driving (traction) motor; 

– enclosed-type traction battery supply; 

– proximity speed transducers, limit switches and unauthorized mechanical slowdown sensors; 

– remote speed, direction and braking control functions; 

– embedded function of automatic programmable stator dynamic braking in case of emergency shut down of power supply (when the power switch is off) in the time of unit movement.

Moreover, microprocessor based monitor & control unit assembly located inside the MUR-S and MUR-SL units provides for: testing of unit serviceability; protection against short circuit in case of casual bullet attack of the external cables; remote monitoring of the remaining battery lifetime.  

Steel rail track of MUR-S and MUR-SL units made of waterproof standard modules are installed on the ground surface of prepared site provided with appropriate outfall. Length of each module is 6 m, weight is 130 kg (max). Starting and end points of the track shall be provided with special flexible safety fence delivered with track. Number of the standard rail tracks to be delivered together with each unit shall be agreed separately. Please consider that these are different products and therefore shall be ordered separately.

Main performance specifications

Unit weight, not more



Dimensions, not more



Maximum speed



Controllable line-of-sight distance, not less  



Standard accessories

Radio antenna



Limit switches (start/end position)  



Battery charger



Optional accessories (on request)

Portable keyboard control with independent power supply