Sniper tower SV-1

Sniper tower SV-1

is the specially equipped three-level prefabricated (modular) steel structure with compartments designed for effective field training of practical skills, as well as sniping fire exercises by paramilitary units of the regular troops and the special operation forces.

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Sniper tower SV-1 is composed of three interconnected container-type cabins (6,000 х 2,400 х 2,400). Inclined and vertical stairways are installed between levels thereof. Upright steel ladder is installed on the roof of the third cabin. Cabins are provided with manning holes, window and door apertures (in the first and second cabin).

Guard rails are installed on the rood of the second and third cabin. Sniper tower is installed on supports.

General data

Manufacturer/Country/Locality (address):

Partner-VS Ltd/Ukraine/Zhytomyr

Proper name according to engineering documentation:

Sniper tower VS-1  

Certificate of conformity is available (yes/no)


Category/ Form:

Container type frame structure with single-raftered roof

Frame material:

Shaped structural steel,  shaped piping

Dimensions (conventional):

 Length х Width х Height


6,000±50 х 6,000±20 х 7,200±20

Operation conditions (requirements):  Ambient temperature; Relative humidity; Wind speed


-30…+500С; 95%; wind gusts: 18 m/s

Expected useful life (ultimate)

12 years

Warranted service life

12 months as of commissioning date, however in each case not more than 18 months after shipment

Exterior (elements, materials, finish)


Omega shaped structural steel, painted / wall sandwich panels

Primary material / base / foundation

No (or as ordered)


Corrugated sheet steel, painted / overhead sandwich panels

Window aperture(s)

Door aperture(s)

Customized (as ordered)

Customized (as ordered)

Window protection


Interior (elements, materials, finish)

Walls / Coating

OSB board / No or other (as ordered)

Flooring / Coating

OSB board / No or other (as ordered)

Ceiling/ Coating

OSB board / No or other (as ordered)

Heat insulating material for walls / floor/ ceiling

Customized (as ordered)

Internal doors  Specifications: Frame//Filling matter/Covering/Coating

Customized (as ordered)

Utility lines and service media

Mains power input / Installed power

220V/380V_ 50Hz/ Customized (as ordered)

Switchboard / electrical box

One (or other – as ordered)

Lighting fixtures, type/ n x 220V sockets (outlets)

Number of LED lamps (both external and internal), as well as electrical sockets (outlets): customized (as ordered)

Earth connection(s)


Lightning arrester


Additional equipment 


Equipment for indoor / outdoor functional use (as required)

Customized (as ordered)