Visual and signaling installation (VSI) is an engineering tool designed for remote visual signaling under both day and night conditions of field firing sessions in the shooting range areas, firearms training sites and within mean lines of fire during troops practical firing with small arms, man-portable surface-to-air missile systems, grenade launchers, etc.

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Visual and signaling installation is an electromechanical device with safe power supply voltage. Part groups and gears are installed on the special steel frame, thus providing for the long-standing resistance of the VSI to unfavorable weather conditions in the field.

Visual and signaling installation is controlled either remotely or locally. Visual and signaling surfaces (blades), which sides are alternatively colored in red and white are rotated by 900 with rotation drive of the device. The color of blades warns of specific command: FIRE or CEASE FIRE. Signal lamps are used in parallel with the visual commands at night.

Standard total height of the visual and signaling installation is 1,700 mm. Area of blade upright visual and signaling projection over installation is 0.9 sqm (at least).


SVI total weight, mm


Area of upright visual and signaling projection over installation, sqm, not less


Supply voltage (for electrically driven device), not more, V


Operating temperature, range


Ambient air humidity, at 25˚C, %

98 (RH)

Weatherproof properties (rain, snow), dynamic wind load bearing characteristics and dustproof properties (sand)